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feature film - 2019 - 105'

Robert Alberdingk Thijm
Norbert ter Hall
All yours film
Minds meet

Executive producer
Willy Waltz International

“The Promise of Pisa” is a dramatized portrait of a Moroccan youngster who has a strong resemblance to novelist Mano Bouzamour. It is his story that, in all its specific and highly personal details, tells the universal story of a boy who has to become himself. It is also the story of a generation of young people who must free themselves from the expectations and judgments of both their parents and the society in which they grow up. A story that is both contemporary and universal.

★★★★★ Parool

‘A tantalising film about the desire for freedom and loyalty.’

★★★★ NRC
‘A beautiful, melancholic film.’

★★★★ Trouw
‘A dazzling drama.’

★★★★ Nederlands Dagblad
'Speed and boyisch bravado.'