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feature film - 2019 - 88'

Roos Ouwehand
Norbert ter Hall
Phanta Vision
Executive producer
Willy Waltz International

Hairdresser Lou (63) from Rotterdam (NL) dreams of living in Spain, but taking care of her children and grandchildren doesn't make that possible. Therefore, she first sticks to a Spanish course in the city of Cadiz. However, she likes it so much there that she plans to open a hair salon. This meets with resistance from her children, who find her self-centered. Lou is faced with a dilemma: will she choose for herself or her family?

★★★★ NRC

'Mi Vida convinces on all fronts.'

★★★★ Volkskrant
'Mi Vida is a convincing, strongly acted comic drama with a warm heart.'

★★★★ Parool
‘Heart warming.’

★★★★ Trouw
'Unpretentious, emotionally convincing film.'

★★★★ De Telegraaf
★★★★ Nederlands Dagblad
★★★★ Friesch Dagblad